Productive Morning Routine for a Stay at Home Mom

Having a productive morning routine as a stay at home mom can often dictate how the rest of your day goes. Here are a few tips to make the most of it!

As I write this, I feel almost like a hypocrite. This morning did not go well. The baby was clingy and tossing in bed all night and then was up with me and clingy when I woke up in the morning. While I went through all of the motions of my morning routine, the usual peace that accompanies it was distant. Then, as I went through the rest of my day, I struggled to function. No – today did not feel very productive.

Is Having a Morning Routine Worth It?

If my day did not feel productive, then is this whole productive morning routine thing bogus? The answer is no. This is not the first time I’ve had a bad day and I know it will not be the last. Motherhood comes with it’s ups and downs. Yet, despite what I shared in the previous paragraph, I do believe that a morning routine can make all the difference.

You see, I have also had morning where my typical routine in non-existent. That my friends, is something I try to avoid at all cost. This is because, despite the fact that I can still have a bad day that feels unproductive WITH a morning routine, the days without that routine are far worse.

So what is it that I make a priority in the morning that I find so important? In one word, space, I make space for myself to wake up in the morning and prepare for the day. I do think that what this looks like can vary from person to person. You have to really be honest with yourself and what your needs are, then honor those needs in ways that are practical and attainable. Yet, it is possible. For those of you who still may be at a loss for what this could look like for you, let me share with you what this looks like for me.

woman lighting a candle with a tall lamp and white couch in the background

Start Your Morning Routine with an Early (-er) Wake Up Time

This does not have to be super early. This just means that I try to be up earlier than the kids or most of the kids. No, it doesn’t happen perfectly all of the time. Honestly, when all of my kids were little, it was a real struggle. I had to find a way to accept that there was a high chance that I was not going to be able to be awake and be alone. Yet, that still has always been my goal.

On those days when my kids did and do decide to sleep in, I relish those moments of perfect silence. On the days when they wake up early, they now know what to expect. Yours will too. As with any new habit, it takes a little bit of time to get used to for everyone involved.

You may look at this new habit of yours and see it as YOUR new habit, but it is really a new habit for the kids too. Give them a few weeks to get used to the idea that mom gets to have some quiet time in the morning. Have some special books or quiet toys ready for them to play with quietly during this time. Let them know that they can either play quietly or go back to bed. Before you know it, they will start to get used to the idea and even anticipate it.

woman sitting on a white couch looking at scripture

Give Some of That Morning Routine Time to God

As a Christian, my relationship with God is my number 1 priority. I am searching for words as to why. I find that I cannot fully explain it. You know the feeling of wanting to spend more time with someone you love? It is a bit like that. Spending time with Our Lord helps me be a better mother. His graces are so powerful. There will be days when you will feel them tremendously. There will be other days when you will wonder where He is. Yet, you will always be able to look back and see that He truly was with you.

Taking this time does not have to be complicated. Some days, all you might be able to manage is a simple prayer greeting God. You can thank Him for your blessings, and for continued blessings for your day. That’s okay. There will be other days where you will find that you will be able to devote more time to scripture, meditations, or special devotions.

Currently, my prayer time during my morning routine starts with an invitation to the Holy Spirit. Then I continue with a Hail Mary, read the scriptures for the day, and close with reflection of some kind in my journal.

woman pouring cream into a white coffee mug filled with coffee

Allow Yourself to Enjoy a Hot Cup of Tea or Coffee as You Start Your Morning Routine

So often, I hear the complaint of coffee gone cold. Dear friend, this is the time when you get to drink your coffee hot. Need I say more? I usually make myself a cup of coffee to start off my morning routine right before I start my prayer time.

Now, I realize some of you are really conscious about making sure you eat something before enjoying some coffee. If that’s you, then great! Your routine gets to be in whatever order works for you. I will say, though, that I do try to drink a glass of raw milk before my coffee so that my coffee is not hitting an empty stomach.

woman making a bed

Get Dressed

Getting dressed as a way to make your morning routine more productive is a concept many of us are familiar with, but I want to challenge you to make it your own. For instance, I hate wearing shoes. Yet many people say to get dressed, shoes and all, in order to be most productive. I find that I am more productive barefoot, because of how much shoes bother me.

The same applies to the other areas of “getting dressed.” Do you work better in sweats, then wear them! Most comfortable in a dress – wear it! Fully decked out in a pant suit with heels and makeup – whatever floats your boat.

I think the main thing here to is to make sure you are taking care of yourself. Put on clean or mostly clean clothes and brush your teeth and hair. Not only does this help you feel better, it also provides a great example to your kids. I mean, why should they get dressed if you’re not going to?

eggs in a cast iron skillet on a glass top stove

Include Breakfast in Your Morning Routine

Eating your child’s leftovers feels like a rite of passage as a mom. It does not need to be! I get it – there will be mornings that go by so fast that you forget to eat. Yet, when you get the nourishment that your body needs, you are able to function so much better through the day. The meal does not have to be elaborate. My main rule of thumb is get protein at every meal. So if all I’m able to eat is a quick fried egg or a couple of spoons of yogurt, then I’ll call it good. Ask yourself, what is a quick breakfast that you can grab?

woman removing plastic off the top of a large jar of sourdough  starter

Check the Calendar

I’ll be honest, some days I miss this one, but it’s so important. My calendar is where I keep everything from events or appointments for the day to what we’re having for dinner. Checking the calendar helps me remember to pull meat out of the freezer and makes sure I’m not late for any events. This may also be the time to make sure to do things like start your yogurt or feed your sourdough starter.

If you keep this information elsewhere, then just check those places.

Rewire your Brain for a More Productive Morning Routine

I believe that we end up wiring our brains to believe that having a productive morning routine is not possible in our state in life. Take making time to eat for example. When we are told to eat, we automatically say that we do not have time to eat anything. This put up a block for your brain and makes it literally impossible for you to find a solution.

An easy way to start to rewire your brain is to ask yourself questions. “How can I make time to eat breakfast today?” “What can I grab that is quick, easy, and nourishing?” Once you start to ask yourself these questions, your brain will start finding the solutions instead of defaulting to the excuses. This goes for all of the tips above. Ask your brain questions to help it start looking for answers.

It’s your turn!

What helped you most in the post? Do you have any tips to add? Please share in the comments!

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