Homestead Cooking, Routines & Rhythms for ‘Type B’ Homemakers, Building Community as an Introvert, Dealing with Uncertainty

Hello and welcome to Homestead to Heaven! My name is Nicole, a homesteading and homeschooling wife and mother of 7 kids. Here on my blog, you’ll find recipes and tips for creating real food from scratch, guidance on how to achieve peace through simple routines and understanding your own unique rhythm, how to develop community in your life starting with your family and going outward, and by learning how to deal with the uncertainty you face in life through practical tips, life experiences, and encouragement as you trust God in the face of it all.

Homestead Cooking

Get creative in the kitchen and learn how to trust your own intuition as you grow your own herbs & veggies and create homemade meals from scratch!

Routines & rhythms for the Type B Homemaker

Learn new routines & lean into the rhythms that work best for your family to create the simplicity & peace you crave.

Build Community as an introvert

Discover ways to build a sense of community within your own home, in your local town, & even in the online space. I’m learning right there with ya!

Dealing with Uncertainty

With so much uncertainty in our world today, it’s hard to keep from worrying. Here you learn how to overcome the worry and feel at peace with where you are in life.

Hi! I’m Nicole!

My journey to homesteading is a story of hope and trust in God’s loving mercy. Together lets discover nourishing food, time management for simpler living, building community as an introvert, and learning to trust God in each season of uncertainty.

Homestead Cooking

There is no better place to start than in the kitchen, even if you aren’t on your dream homestead! Grab a wooden spoon and a pot and I’ll meet you there!

Discover Tips, Tricks, and Your Own Unique Rhythm to Your Routines

This is not about maintaining a strict schedule. Rather, it’s about discovering how you and your family operate best.

Build Community

Rediscover the beauty of family meals and get inspired to go out into your local community with fresh eyes.

Dealing with Uncertainty

Do you want REAL peace? Then let GO and lean into where God in leading you. You are here, in this time and place, for a reason.